Circle H Kennel and Farm
Circle H Kennel and Farm

 Gillian Hendrix 2003-2012




 Once you were a dream. Then dream became a promise, the promise became real, and that reality was you.

My tears were over flowing on the day I went to get you, I could not believe the day was real and you were really mine.

We were told you were very needy, from neglect and you had issues, but I knew with love and patience you'd know that you hand found your forever home.

Of all the dogs I have now and of those that have gone before, You and I have had a special bond and it makes me miss you all the more.

You were the leader of my dog pack when Steve went off to war and you got me through the days and nights by being there even more. The bed was never empty it was a wonder we all fit. Yes the bed was full of canines, Tiggy, Sadie and Buckshot too and we made room and space for just one more, and Gillian that was you.

You kept me from being lonely and scared in that house alone. And the nights went quicker with all you there than if I had been alone.

Deciding to end your suffering  took me months and was so hard to do. It was done with love to end your pain but it was not an easy thing to do.

If I could have kept you with me, all whole and free of pain then you'd be here right now and my heart wouldn't be filled with pain.

On the final day you were with me, mear monents before you were gone, I asked for you to wait for me in your eternal home.

Gillian I will be looking on the day my own live ends and I know I will find you waiting along with my other faithful freinds.

Don't worry I won't forget you in the house, empty with you gone. When you love you still remember all the years that went before.

In life these are special honors that we humans get to have and the day I became your owner was one of the greatest that I have ever had.

Know You were loved. Know you were treasured. Know you are dearly missed. My Gillian my dear friend.


I was entrusted by the Kansas Chapter of the Irish Wouldhound Rescue group and Rhonda Huckabee to adopt and give Gillian her forever home

She is now in her eternal home.

I don't fear when my time comes as I leave this world behind, for I know that you will be waiting with you long tail wagging behind. And together with the others who have faithfully gone before we will cross that rainbow bridge together and forever enjoy our eternal home.

Beloved pets who also have gone.

Boy my first pet 1963-1975 We found him at the pound on a ride my dad took me on and he was beaten and scared. I came home and drove my mom nuts telling her she had to go get this dog for her birthday. I was 3 I didn't know her birthday was almost a year away.To me it was her birthday and this poor dog was her present.

  My mom didn't have the heart to tell me it was nowhere near her Birthday and we didn't need a dog. She drove to the pound and this dog was actully on the way to being put to sleep because he had bitten two workers. My mother talked them into seeing if she could get him to come to her and an hour later Boy came over and layed in her lap and licked her hand. They let her adopt him. 
 He was a faithful treasure and my only picture of him got lost with the other pets to be named here on our move to the farm.

 Thunder and lighting, Orang Guy and Marly were our cats that have passed away. Pandi, Dusty, Suzy, Tiger, Sir-Cumference, Little Foot, Nugget, Kacey, Bo, Gable, True, Keeper, Bear and Coy. These were mine and my family's dogs we loved and lost.

Krispy,Espresso,Jett,McBeth, Topaz our Alpacas that passed away

Countless bugs, birds, frogs, and critters that have allso been precious to me as a child and my children and the Mother who taught me to love and respect them all! 


You are loved, remembered, and missed.


Gracie Ain't Scared was her AKC Kennel name. She was our First Great Pyrenees and we bought her from a family in Arkansas when she was three and when McKenna and I drove her home we picked up Titan and she taught himt the ropes on being a Livestock Guardian. She would fly over the fence or push through a weak spot in the fence and she would go after the Coyotes that used to be all over our property. We fixed the weak spot in the fence we could tell where to go sinc white fur was every wehre. She was gentely and kind a great mom of our fisrt Great Pyrenees. We just had to put her to sleep She had the vet thought cancer she lost weight rapidly and the day we did it she could bearly walk so we knew it was time. I had just gotten out of ICU andthe hospital so steve did let me go with him and gracie to the vet but he said she passed peacefully. I cry as I think about it becuae We loved her so much but I know she would recognize Gillian and know she was at the rainbow bridge. Till I am with her I will miss her.