Circle H Kennel and Farm
Circle H Kennel and Farm

  Our Puppies have gone to homes all over the United States and Canada.  Many families have driven from all over the United States  to come pick up their puppy, meet their parents, meet us, and see the kennel and farm in person. We love these meetings and getting to watch as their see their new puppy in person for the first time.

  Other puppies have been flown to their new homes and we anxiously wait for the call to hear what they think of the puppy that flew so far to be theirs.  There is  a pricless honor to getting to connect exceptional puppies with excellent owners. It is with humility, graditude, and thanks to each buyer. You allow us to do what we love! Not many people get to say that about their jobs! 

Our puppies going to their new homes! Some flying and some being picked  up, or other buyers we met part way. Each encounter of watching a new dog and owner meet for the first time is magical and so special I can't believe that I get to be part of that moment. There is just nothing like it. It is sheer joy and I thank God daily for allowing us to do this and helping connect the buyers with their puppies. I not only get paid to play with puppies but I get to help people in their times of sorrow over the loss of a dearly loved pet and participate in their momoments of jay as a new love comes into to their lives. I get to help new dog owners find their first puppy or a buyer add a second or third love to their life. Ech connection is amazing and We love being a part of each and every one.  This is one of my favorite pages on the website because I remeber each and every person and puppy!

Maggie and her proud new parents! Can you tell the parents are a cute newly marrie couple? What a cute family!
Camden "Camden is with her new family. She went to live near St. Louis!
Camden and her new mom Kelly!
Yeah!! Chowder got to go home with his new family! They bought him several weeks before he was ready and they got one of our Aussie Doodles and named him Bogie, while they were waiting to take Choder home. Hey two is always OK with us!!
Lynne withher daughter and husband and Great Pyrenees brothers Thor and Loki. They have an Alpaca Farm and these two will be their livestock guardians and keeping their Alpacas safe.
Christin and Ariel and "Tikvah", which is Hebrew for "Little Jewel". Great name!
Badit and Storm and their proud parents! Aussie Doodles
I got my human and I am ready to see my new home!!
Going Home Day for Tre'an and his proud parents! From Sara's Litter 2012
Tre'an so handsome!
Tre'an with his cool sahdes!!
Sophie's new family
Sophie and her new family!
Mason taking "Ruby" home! Summer 2012 She was our littles Great Pyrennes puppy ever for Sara's first litter. Esmee, as she was know prior to mason naming her Ruby will be his pt as well as train to be a Therapy in his mother Special Education class!
Big former pro Baseball player and his new love!
Little Adam(Bubby) and his Bruiser.Now that is a pillow!
Zoey! She is comming up on a year old and her parents want another for the new litter expected in the beginning of September! Isn't she a beauty
Queen on the mom moutain! What a beautiful Zoey full grown! English Golden Doodle
Richard and family taking "Bauer Home!
Richard and his new Great Pyrenees Puppy form Sara and Titan's litter Summer 2012 "Bauer"
Ryan and Richard and "Bauer" Summer 2012
" Baurer" One of Sara and Titan's pyppies from Sara's first litter Summer 2012 This is one great looking dog with an awesome original name!
Zoe and Sammy, passed away and then Joe and Pat picked cooper and Lacey to be the new pups to fill the paw prints left behind when Zoe and Sammy died.
Joe and Pat brought their dog Sammy to meet their 4 weeks old puppies. We were all glad they did when Sammy died about a week later. They had also had their Great Pyr,Zoe die. We were happy at 8 weeks to fill their arms with new loves.
Cooper and Lacey after a big day of play!
Cooper and Lacey playing! Carring on in the footsteps of Sammy ans Zoe and are keeping Joe and Pat's days full of life and joy!
Murphy is so handsome!!
Murphy look how much you have grown!
Love at friat sight! Kosmo meets her dad!
Bruiser on the Job as Baby Guardian!
Big dog little boy!
Bruiser when not on Baby duty loves his friend Fink
Sophie and her big friend!
An new Christmas Puppy to love!
The drive from West Virgina was worth meeting their Willow!
Dan took two!
Finally getting Katie!
Steve socializing Winston for the last night before his morning flight to his new mom, Nancy!
Katrina in the Pennsylvania Snow!
Tippy is thrilled with his new mom!
Jake and Kobe both the night before they left to be livestock guardians. Jake in Texas and Kobe in Illinois.
Teddy with his favorite boy
Winston loves his new home and Mom!
"Look Mom I can pick him up!"
Edward "Titan" going home!
Isis and Thor going home to guard Ostriches!
Gunny meeting his Marine family!
Kimber is going home to South Dakota!.
Rommy leaving with her new Mom and Dad!
Delta getting Issy ready to go to California.
Diesel meeting his new Family!
Oliver going home!
Oliver now!!
Poet is going home with her excited family!
Tippy's new mom!
Blue meets his new owners!