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Esmee was born a very special puppy..made so because she was born bery tiny. She was suposed to be a big, giant Great Pyrenees. Instead she was small.

  When Esmee was bonr we notice right awa that she was smaller than her litermates. But she was a scappy lillt thing and would knock over her big siblings to get her turn to nurse. She even held her own when her brother and sistters would romped and played and tugged at each other tails and ears. And Esmee Esmee grew. But that was it. She did not do she did not do  what all Great Pyrennes puppies do. They grew and grew and grew.

  Our Vets were baffeled. She seemed in really good health but she was like a miniature Great Pyrenees and they were at a loss to tell us why. She was healthy as far as we knew and we took her home an worried about find in a home for this precious litlle girl.

  As a honorable breeder with ethics, compassion and morals. We wanted to proved the very best dogs to their future families. We in turn wanted nothing but the very best homes for our puppies. I could never breed if I didn't know I could connect to two and ensure both family and pet, therapy or working dog had nothing but the best homes. That is why we will take back any puppy that their owner cannot properly take care of due to some unexpected   life changing even happening. Nobody ever thinks that could  happen to them,but it can and does and we want to ensure that the dogs we help bring into this world don't end up in a shelter, rescue or pound. We will take them and help re-home them.

  We really kind of thouth she would probably end up with us and I loved her. Our niece and nephews that came to the farm last summer adored her, but I worried tha their would not be the call or e-mail saing she was singled out and wanted, just as she was.

  I will never forget when the call came and this woman was calling for her daughter, who had had a big giant male Great Pyrenees tha had a full life and who had been a therapy dog in her classroom with students having troble learning to read. They chilldren read out loud to the therapy dog and dogs don't laugh when they make a mistake, unlike other classmates do. This was brilliant I thought. I had been a school counselor and I had never heard of this.

  I made certain they understood that she was probably not going to be very big at all. They said she and her daughter had seen her picture on line and fell in love. They had had the experience of owneing the giant  Great Pyrenees and they were going to be happy with her not matter what her size. As an added bonus.. there was a 5 year old little boy, grandone to the caller and son to the teacher that was looking forward to meeting her. Esmee had a second role to fill. She was to be  a little boy's dog. She would see him through grwoing up they hoped and this is a pictre of Mason below holding Esmee. And in Mason't arms she suddenly didn't looks so tiny.

  Mason was so excited on the almost hour drive  to our Kennel and home that he kept asking if they were close to the puppy people and they would tell him to wait just al little while longer. They told me when they turned on to our road  they could see our van with big paw rints all over it and they pointed to and they said I think those are the puppy people.

  Joy flouded my heart from the call untill I met these wonderful people and this cute little boy coming for this precious puppy. And then through asking Mason what he wanted to call her. He had two names he likes and he looked her over and told us she was Ruby!  Just look at this child's face holding this precious treasure. And I watched him carefully carry her to the care in his small arms. I though if they had pick one of the regualr Great Pyrenees that had gone to their homes earlier that week, this child could have never experienced feeling like a big strong boy carring his own dog to their van. There all is wias al plan in life.. Hindsight usually reveals it.

   Great Pyrenees are a noble breed. They are so strond and huge but are so tenter and safe with children and livestock. I have never woned working dog, but all our Great Pyrenees are Livesotck Guarding. What respect you come to have for their natural instinct to guard and protect. To sleep away the daylight and come alert and aware at dusk. To know to patrole a fence line and to see a group of the seen to know how to devide the different areas and come together to guard.  I have noting but the utmost love and respect for them. And as Ruby left in Masons arms I knew she she would be an amazing Great Pyrenees.

  It is and honor we have to hear about the pets that have gone ahead of the ones we send out the door or on a plane to their new home. And I am alwasy asked how I can do it. What you ask? Give each puppy up and watch them go. I tell that that it is so exciting watching a puppy heal  a couple broken by the loss of a well loved dog or a child get his frist dog. I jsut can't believe that I get to do it!



Mason the day he took "Ruby" Home!

Mason didn't mind that she was small he called her Ruby! We were happy Ruby got her forever home and was going to be a Therapy Dog!

Mamma Dog Sara, and Esmee Sleeping. I love this picture!

Sara and Esmee

We now have several of our Circle H Great Pyrenees that are working or training to be Therapy Dogs. Improving the quality of life of the sick, elderly and school children with special needs.

You never know where an exceptional Circle H Great Pyrenees is going to show up! We have several currently competing in AKC Dog Shows! Many are Fine, Loyal Livestock Guardians.

And Finally we have sent many of our exceptional Great Pyrenees puppies to be beloved family, or an individuals pet. Filling their homes with joy and love!

As my husband says: "If it isn't a Circle H Great Pyrenees, it is just a dog! We Strive to Breed Exceptional Great Pyrenees for Excellent Owners! Please let us help you pick yours out now!