Circle H Kennel and Farm
Circle H Kennel and Farm



When we married we planned one day to move to Steve's family's farm to retire. In 2008 our plans got moved up after Steve was wounded in Iraq and so when Steve retired from the Army we retired to the farm which had been in his family since the 1800's. The house and porperty needed some TLC but it has been an honor to get to live here and have the room to breed our dogs.

  The farm land was being farmed by a local farmer and we had plenty of land around the house of livestock. I didn't grown up on a farm and Steve died of embarasment when we first came and I would run out with my camera when a neighbor would pull their tractor into our driveway to say hello. I guess it did look silly but to me it was so exciting. I had no idea the work that went into bringing a crop in from planting to harvest and how utterly helpless farmers are to the changing weather. It really made me appreciate where my food comes from!

  We decided to get Alpacas and needed some Livestock Guardians to help protect them from the Coyotees. We were blessed to find a trained LSG Great Pyrenees in Arkansas and we also got a 10 week old puppy to go with her. We got Great Pyrenees 101 crash course when we showed up in Missouri thinking the puppy would fit on our lap! Nope Titan was huge!

 Gracie promptly cleared off all the Coyotees and quickly trained Titan. We were blessed with two beautiful litters of AKC Great Pyrenees. I have been breeding dogs since 1985. I got my start in Atlanta with Golden Retrievers and White Collies. Steve had breeding experience with Australian Shepherds and Horses and with the success of the Great Pyrenees litters and the land and outbuldings we decided we had exactly what we needed to expand our kennel.

  We currently breed AKC Great Pyrenees,  Parti Goldendoodles, Parti Labradoodles.

 We use top nutrition and All of our dogs are on NuVet Plus Nutritional supplements. All of our puppies start getting the the NuVet in their mother's womb and milk and then on their food while being weaned. NuVet Plus helps frontload a puppies immune system and supports a healthy long life. All our puppies go home with a NuVet Plus starter pack and current on shots and worming.

 We have a wonderful relationship with our Vets at the Rushville Vet clinic and we rely on them to check out each puppy from nose to tail to assure they are in top health and ready to come home to you at 8 weeks. 

 We have a socialization program and we work with each puppy to assure they are confident and well adjusted. Proper socialization is one of the most importnat thing a breeder can do for your puppy. All our litters are born inside and we do our best to be present at every litters birth. Why? That is when we start socializing your puppy and we work with them daily.

 We didn't plan this life but it wasn't until we had all our former plans stripped away that we saw this amazing life being carved out on this farm. We truly love what we do and bring the knowledge of almost 36 years of breeding quality dogs with each and every litter.

 We really care. So many of our clients come to us after the death of a dog they dearly loved and I really do care. While a new puppy can never replace the one that is gone, the new pup comes ready to love and to step into the paw prints the other dog has left behind.

 If you are a first time buyer and have lost of questions we have lost of answeres and have many happy buyers that are very happy to give you a referrence and tell you their experience working with us to get their puppy.

  This is such an important decision. You can always buy a "cheaper' dog but with breeders and dogs you get what you pay for. There are real horrible people out there who have no business owning a dog let alone breeding dog. They subjest their dogs to a cold and abusive existance with out love, affection, nutrition and Vet care. They only care about making a quick buck and don't care what they have to do to make it. 

  When you buy from them you truly risk getting a puppy with serious gentic health problems due to in-breeding and poor conditions.  These breeders range form the horrible puppy mills to the just totally in-experienced back yard breeder. Neither know nothing about bloodlines or the proper care a littler need to produce happy and healthy puppies. How can you tell who they are? Their puppies are just too cheap. And a puppy for someone like this is only going to bring heatache when you have bonded with a pet that may have seriousl life long health and emotional issues and you will pay far more in the long run for a puppy with health issues that buying one form a qualtiy breeder.

  We are top breeders. Not only do we hold ourselves to a high standard but we really care about the homes our puppies go to.  All of our dogs from the ones we breed to our several rescues are first and formost our dearly loved pets.  We put a lot of time into making their lives happy and full. We believe happy dogs make the best puppies.  We reinvest money every year to make the lives of our dogs better. We truly want them to have the life we would want us to have if we were in their place.   Our dog  are not starved of love and affection, without proper Vet care. They have huge areas to play and all get daily love and attention. 


When you buy from us you are supporting a miltary family and you can be assured your puppy is getting the best start possible.  One advantage we have is this is all we do. It isn't a hobby  it is our passion and we do it because we love what we do.  The only reason to breed is to bring  a quality puppy of a particualr breed and extend good bloodlines.  It is far better to wait to afford a quality pup from a ethical and responsible breeder, than to go for that cheaper pup from a questionable breeder!!

  We have 2  year health agreements and we have never in almost 35 years had to honor a health agreement for a sick puppy or had one of our pups grow up to have hip, elbow or eye problems. I  had the help from a friend who was a Vet student  at Auburn University. He took me out aand taught me how to pick a breeder and then how to pick the right puppy from a litter. Then when  I bred the puppy he helped me with the first litter my fisrt AKC Golden Retriever every had back in 1985.

  Our Motto is isWe breed Exceptional Puppies for Excellent Owners". And you know who you are. You do your homework and  put the time and care into being excellent puppy parents. I literally have a list of homes from buyers I would gladly live in if I were a dog!

 They say when God closes a door he opens a window. We feel like he opened a whole lot of windows and we love this life and this work we do. Out of the ashes of our plans came this amazing life and business and hey ,we get to play with puppies for a living. Take a look at the boy  in the above photo with his very own puppy. We got to put that pup and that boy together.  It doesn't get any better than this!

  This is who we are.... This is what we love and do....

                                                         And I know we have just the right puppy for you!

                                              We are waiting to hear from you!


Circle H Kennel and Farm